50th Annual Maine Speech Language Hearing Conference
November 6 & 7, 2014
Cross Insurance Center
Bangor, Maine


Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking is Coming to Bangor, Maine!

Our Presenter, Nancy Clements runs Social Thinking Boston with Michelle Garcia Winner.

Social Thinking Boston, run by Nancy Clements, MA CCC-SLP, opened in late 2012 as a fully endorsed clinic licensed by Social Thinking. Nancy is a member of the Social Thinking Training and Speakers Collaborative and was former Program Manager of the Social Thinking and Communications Services program at the Stern Center for Language and Learning in Vermont, where she developed a comprehensive Social Thinking program which served over 60 children weekly.

Nancy Clements, MA, CCC-SLP

Nancy Clements









Informal Dynamic Social Thinking Assessment and Core Treatment Strategies for Home and School

Implementing Social Thinking® Concepts and Vocabulary into the School and Home Day: A Day to Develop Team Creativity

2nd Speaker:

Peggy Watson M.S., CCC-SLP and Nancy Shadowens M.S., CCC-SLP

Dementia therapeutic intervention has become of vital importance to facilities that are faced with an influx of this patient diagnosis. The speech-language pathologist has a primary role in the screening, assessment, and treatment of dementia-associated cognitive-communication disorders, including caregiver training and counseling (ASHA 2005). This presentation will provide essential information for your practice.

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  • 50th Annual Maine Speech Language Hearing Conference Thu. 6 Nov, 2014 November 6 and 7, 2014 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine. Save the Date and come learn and celebrate with your colleagues! For more details about this event, visit our Conferences page.