ArSHA Review

The Arizona Speech-Language Hearing Association (ArSHA) is the professional association which includes 500+ audiologists and speech-language pathologists in Arizona. This website is a comprehensive giude to the association’s activities, CEU opportunities, licensure updates, and job bank.


ArSHA strives for a state where everyone communicates to their full potential.

Their mission is empowering Arizona’s speech, language, and hearing professionals through advocacy, leadership, and professional development to best serve people with communication and related disorders.

ArSHA helps consumers to find the best audiologists or speech-language pathologists through a list of certified specialists posted on the website.

Executive Board

  • President – Jennifer Casteix
  • President-Elect – Melanie Moore
  • Past President  – Fe Murray
  • Vice-President for Audiology – Fadyeh Barakat (
  • Vice-President for Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) – Darrell Dern
  • Annual Convention Chairs – Jeremy Legaspi
  • Annual Convention Chair-Elect – Shelly Lanham & Laura Stevenson
  • Professional Development Chair – Heather Caska
  • Government Affairs Chair – Jeff Meeks
  • Treasurer – Debbie Venkatesh
  • Ethical Practices Chair – Linda Shenk
  • Membership Chair – Rebecca Archer-Anwar
  • Recording Secretary – Sarah Dachtyl
  • Communications Chair – Amy Hilton Anson
  • Community Relations Chair – Samantha Hagness


ArSHA Membership offers the following benefits to audiologists or speech language pathologists:

  • Audiology + SLP members together;
  • Networking and job opportunities;
  • Lobbyists to advocate and monitor at the state legislature and licensing board;
  • Committee and task forces to work with state organizations to promote our professions;
  • CE opportunities every year;
  • Liaison with ASHA;
  • Opportunities to participate in leadership in Association governance;
  • Access to a forum where ethical concerns can be discussed;
  • Discounts to annual convention, seminars, and webinars;
  • Strength in numbers;
  • Awards and Honors;
  • Website, email communication, and social media presence with alerts and information.

Honors and Awards

ArSHA provides awards as financial aid to those seeking a profession in the art and science of speech-language pathology. They include:

  • Marilyn Quintana Moline Mentorship Awards;
  • James Case Student Clinical Award;
  • ArSHA Student Clinical Award;
  • Award for Outstanding Achievement;
  • President’s Award;
  • Honors Of The Association;
  • Robert Albright Award;
  • State Clinical Achievement Award;
  • Award for Continuing Education (ACE).

Contact Information

Location: 700 McKnight Park Drive, Suite 708, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: 855-727-2836
Fax: 888-729-3489
Email: [email protected]