51st Annual Maine Speech Language Hearing Conference

On August 21-22, 2019, Maine Speech Language Hearing Association took part in the 51st international scientific and practical conference “Speech therapy in the conditions of special and inclusive education: traditions and innovations”.

Conference program

The main purpose of the scientific-practical conference is to present innovative technologies for the diagnosis and correction of speech developmental disorders at various age stages.

The main directions of the conference are:

  • Actual problems of integrated stage speech therapy in the context of special and inclusive education;
  • Theoretical and methodological foundations of speech therapy assistance to people with speech pathology;
  • A systematic approach to providing integrated stage-by-stage speech therapy assistance to children with various developmental disabilities in the context of special and inclusive education;
  • Diagnosis and correction of speech disorders at various age stages;
  • Early speech therapy for children in their first years of life;
  • Modern technologies of speech therapy work with preschool children with speech impairments;
  • Diagnosis and correction of writing and reading disorders in primary school students;
  • Modern speech therapy technologies for adolescents and adults;
  • The specifics of the provision of speech therapy assistance in organizations of education, health and social protection;
  • Actual issues of vocational training for speech therapists.

Main topics

  • Theoretical and methodological foundations of the modern interpretation of speech development disorders in children and adults;
  • Interdisciplinary issues of speech therapy research;
  • Variable methods and technologies of speech therapy impact;
  • The legal framework for accompanying persons with special educational needs;
  • Problems and prospects of the professional activity of a speech therapist.

The conference provides the interested professional community with the opportunity to exchange information, discuss research results and practice achievements. The conference program includes plenary meetings, round tables and sections, open lectures, and the presentation of interactive posters.


  • Teachers of higher education organizations and employees of research institutes;
  • Leaders, teachers, psychologists, methodologists of organizations of general and additional education;
  • Representatives of the health care system and social protection participating in rehabilitation and support programs for children with disabilities;
  • Students, undergraduates, graduate students, young scientists studying the problems of speech therapy and related scientific disciplines.